Learning to fly

AVRCC operates a structured training programme (as defined by the British Model Flying Association ) to suit all ages, and has a team of dedicated instructors who will devote the maximum amount of time to the needs of the beginner. AVRCC has several training aircraft using computerised radio transmitters and buddy box systems.

Prospective members are under no obligation to join the club immediately. The instructors will endeavour to give an introductory flight to interested parties. You are welcome to use the club facilities for a short period whilst you decide on your future with the club and more importantly, the sport of model flying. After the first introductory flight, the Club requires a small deposit to cover fuel costs. This deposit will be refunded in full upon receipt of a membership to the Club. All new members are permitted to learn to fly with these aircraft, whilst they decide on a suitable model for themselves.

Featured above are two of our many Trainees who have developed their skills and confidence and are now considered 'Safe Solo'.
Both trainees are members of the local Air Training Corps who regularly visit our flying site to undertake Model Flying Tuition.
Age is no barrier when it comes to learning to fly model aircraft, and the Club has members aged between 14 and 75 who are currently undergoing training.

AVRCC and its Club Instructors are insured by the BMFA and as such can offer limited tuition to individuals who are not BMFA/AVRCC members (see below)

First Time Inexperienced Flyer - http://www.bmfa.org/about/insurance.html
Club liability insurance can be extended to cover first time visitors to your Club who have no previous experience of model flying but are seeking to try out model flying prior to joining your Club. However, in this case cover will only be in place when the flights are being personally supervised by a nominated Club member approved by the Club Committee. No charge will be made for this additional cover; however, cover will only be in place for a maximum of 3 days for any one first time flyer. After this initial 3 day period the first time flyer must arrange his/her own third party public liability insurance cover, by joining the BMFA, prior to undertaking any further flying activity at your Club site.

NB. After the completion of the 3 day introductory period, AVRCC will cease to offer training flights until such time as the individual has become a fully paid member of the AVRCC model club.

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