Gallery 1 - The Old Ones

Various images from the past. Some of these models are still flying whilst some have gone to the great graveyard in the sky.

acrowot Adrenaline Adrenaline
Adrenaline Aerostar Aresti
Aresti Arising Star Arrow Tiger
Arrow Tiger Astro Hog ATS Kite
Bossanova Chandelle Cub
Wot 4 Spacewalker Somethin' Extra
Stryker Falcon Fliton Extra
Fliton Extra Fliton Extra Funfly
Pup Group Group
Hand Launch Aresit Shuttle
Hype Mustang Mustang
Extra Laser 200 Magnatilla
Magnatilla Magnatilla Magnatilla
Moskito Mustang Navajo
Sopwith Pup Raptor Moskito
Shock Flyer Somethin' Extra Somethin' Extra
Somethin' Extra Somethin' Extra Sukhoi
Kitthawk Trainer Trainer
Training TSK 30 Tucano
U Can Do Giant U Can Do Giant U Can Do
Ultimate Bipe   Wots Wot
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